Large Shih Tzu

How to Stop A Barking Shih Tzu

Most of Shih Tzu owner’s common complaint with their beloved pet is excessive barking of their own dog or their neighbor’s. There are several reasons why they bark too much such as: Shih Tzus bark out of boredom, warning, lonely, fear, communication, or to get attention. And one thing we need to remember that bigger dogs like many herding dogs are more vocal than Shih Tzuz. Such dogs use vocalizing as part of herding.

Training from from the first day when barking will and will not be permitted is very vital. Many Shelties are given up and sent to the dog pound each year due to excessive barking. Barking is a problem that can be worked with if you are consistent and diligent in your dog training.

And now a question raised in your mind is that how to stop barking Shih Tzu. The following few tips will help resolve your issue of a barking dog. The easiest thing is to do is not allow barking at all before it becomes a bad habit. When the puppy or dog joins in your house, you need to start teaching what is permitted. It is a very good idea to use a command like ‘no barking’ or ‘enough’ and reinforce it with praise as soon as your dog quiets down. Also you need to send the message that you really like it when he is quiet.

If your dog is bored or lonely, you need to play with him. Toys, games, training, interaction  are some of the ways to keep the dog entertained. Boredom and loneliness can also lead to other undesired dog behaviors as well. Get different toys like safe chew toys, Buster Cubes that will stimulate your dog’s mind and get him doing something else besides barking. Obedience lessons, agility lessons or other dog sports, or even just playing fetch will help. Never leave your dog unsupervised while outdoors.

Dogs left to become nuisance barkers disturb the whole neighborhood, even if you are not bothered by the barking. You can end up being penalized by your community for violating noise ordinances or even having a very irate neighbor taking the law into his own hands. Prevent your dog becoming a nuisance in your community.

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