If you don't have or can't afford a watch, you could still tell time at night. To use the Big Dipper star clusters in telling time (by the line from the pointer stars to Polaris) is not really that hard. • It's a counter-clockwise running 24-hour clock, because the earth rotates west to east a full turn every 24 hours, and • It turns fast. Due to the earth's annual orbit around the sun, it gains 24 hours every year. So to use the clock you only need to remember two things. • Memorize the 24-hour clock face, shown above, and • Adjust the 24-hour or midnight mark on the clock to the current date. 24 hours in 12 months is two hours every month, so shift the midnight mark up by two hours (counter-clockwise) on the clock face each month, or a half-hour each week. Some key dates to remember are shown on the drawing above.

**** Puberty had hit Pacifica Northwest like a truck. No, scratch that, like a freight train. During the middle of freshman year her body seemingly matured five years almost overnight. Some of the more jealous girls had speculated that it was because of her rich parent's spending on hormones and plastic surgery, some of the hornier boys speculated that they didn't care, but she had fantastic tits. A few things remained the same though, like the fact that Pacifica was still the most popular girl in the freshman class of Gravity Falls' high. She also remained richer than anyone else at her school, although not as rich as she had been before the... Well, nevermind all that. One more thing remained true though, she was by far the loneliest girl in Gravity Falls. That's why, come the beginning of summer, she anxiously began awaiting news of a certain pair of twins hopping off a bus outbound from Piedmont, California. The first week went by without any sign of them, and she grew a bit nervous. The second week went by without them and she grew a bit anxious. The third week went by and she grew a bit depressed. Would the only person she had ever managed to actually connect to on a non-superficial level ever come back? So, when the fourth week came around, she was a bit surprised when her family's butler knocked on her door. "Ms. Pacifica?" "Come in. She looks up from the laptop she has open on her bed. The butler opens her door and gives a curt bow. "Please, Reginald. I told you, just call me Pacifica." He nods. "Ms. Pacifica, I have come to inform you about the Pines twins." Her eyes light up, and she holds her breath a little in anticipation. "You see, they arrived in Gravity Falls late last evening. Would you like me to invite them to the house, or would you like me to drive you there?" She lets out a sigh of relief and happily gets off the bed. "Reginald, start the limo. I'm going to change. I'll be down in a few minutes." The butler nods politely. "Very good ma'am." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pacifica shifts nervously in her posh leather seat. The day is unusually cool, and her butler, also duals as her driver after the necessary downsizing of staff, actually had to put on the heater to keep Pacifica from getting a little chilly. She had picked a green plaid shirt out of her closet to go with a pair of blue jeans. She had changed out of her pajama's quickly, and she mentally kicks herself for somehow forgetting to put a bra on. Not only that, but her shirt is a little too tight for comfort, and she can't help but get a bit nervous every time she has to move her upper body quickly. Her absolutely mammoth tits had come to be both a blessing and a curse over the past few months. She discovered that ever since she grew them boys fell in line much, much easier, but in situations like this one she can't help but hate them for the incredible difficulty of buying clothes that actually fit. Her hips had also gotten wider over the past few months, and although her ass didn't get quite as many stares as her huge breasts did, it still attracted quite a few gazes. "Ms. Pacifica, we will be arriving shortly." She makes a brief squeek of agreement. Should she really go out and meet Dipper like this? Her boobs are straining the green fabric of her shirt, and she can only shudder to think of what would happen if it burst. That thought process is cut, however, when the limo pulls to a stop in the Mystery Shack parking lot. "Ms. Pacifica, we're here." "Thank you, Reginald. Just stay here unless I motion for you to leave." "Of course, ma'am." She opens the door to her side before the butler can get out and do it for her. She collects herself briefly and closes it behind herself. She begins walking up to the dingy old shack. Should she really be doing this? She hesitates for a moment, before bringing her hand up, clenching it into a fist, and knocking it against the door. As she does so she can feel her shirt shift a little. Suddenly, a button flies off from her front, and she can feel the other ones start to stay in. She panics, and thinks about turning around, but she can hear movement behind the door. The lock clicks, and the door opens. Her mind races. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. Please stay in. She repeats over and over again to herself. The door rotates ninety degrees, and Dipper his standing on the other side. She raises her hand for a handshake. She would go for a hug, but she knows how that'll end. "H-Hey Dipper." Dipper grins delightfully, taking her hand in his. He's a bit taller than she is, and obviously puberty had hit him pretty hard too. He's far more muscular than he was last summer, and she can't help but swoon a little when she notices the muscularity of his arms. Had he been working out? "Pacifica!" He yells happily, shaking her hand vigorously. He lets go of it after a moment and says. "Long time no see." She nods. She feels another button give on her shirt. Oh fuck, this is it, it's going to burst. "Y-Yeah." She clenches her eyes as she feels the final center button burst out from where it had been. Her shirt splits in two tight where her tits are, it still covers her belly, and her neck is also perfectly covered, but there, for the whole world to see, are her huge, magnificent tits. They're just as tan as the rest of her body, hours spent on the tanning machine ensured that, and the two pink nipples at the ends are puffy and sensitive. She opens her eyes to see Dipper staring, mouth agape. She notices Mabel had been walking up to the door behind him. Everything seems to move in slow motion for Pacifica as she brings her arms up to her chest in an attempt to cover up. Mabel drops the glass of soda she had been carrying, and it hits the ground with the sound of glass breaking. Dipper blinks weakly, and Pacifica can only say one thing. "Fuck."