Maidsafe Coin Price Technical Analysis — First Week of March

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Using Fibonacci, we can target 32,238 to 33,339 satoshis as the price to exit position before the next run-up or eventual breakdown. Also Stochastic RSI indicates that the coin still has room to go before it’s considered overbought.

An OTE short presents itself if price reaches around 28k satoshis. The pattern indicates an ascending broadening wedge which is a bearish reversal.

However, you can enter into a long position if the price retraces to the historical support and resistance levels.


According to the MaidSafe Dev Update, it seems that there are no major setbacks anymore. This is a big deal for early decentralized internet enthusiasts because it has been years in the making, so expect a mega-bubble that could overtake Ripple.

They are just finishing up and polishing enough code for launch. I’d say less than a month before Safe Network launch. So try charting/catching the bottom because it’s gonna be a wild ride just before launch.

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