RE: Hello Webmention

Hello, Evert Pot. I’m a late adopter of Webmentions. I think this is a robust commenting system but it doesn’t seem popular. I’m glad it can integrate tweet...

Why 90% traders fail and Tezos

Hmm… I want to expand my thoughts on these actual findings about the trading failure rate. (Archived just in case) discovered by @scottmelker

Burnout is real

Zach is right. With all the things we can do online, especially if your profession is Internet-related, burnout is a real thing and happens often. My last b...

Why posts have date stamps too

You should have your posts to be a reflection of the time they were made since every idea and thought we make are viewed during its time period. That’s why p...

I wish Twitter would die

Lol, my Twitter account is the most popular online asset I have and like Chris M., managing lists is terrible. It would probably take the whole day. One of ...

Blockchain and Bitcoin

I haven’t seen Kevin Marks talk about blockchains or Bitcoin in a long time. He thinks Bitcoin is antiquated. I can’t blame him, developments are slower comp...

Innovation is amoral

That’s the problem with innovation and technology, anyone can use it for good or evil.

Thank you, Hot Chilli

Thank you for the free Jabber/XMPP service, Hot Chilli! I know it’s not popular but I appreciated it.

That looks delicious

I never knew Japanese food could have chillies served on top of sushi before. So what happens when you dip them in soy sauce with wasabi? Both are spicy.

Github will be like Facebook soon

You are the product. What you thought is free is actually far from reality. In exchange for not paying for their services, you sell your privacy to them whet...