Receive SMS Online and Bypass Bitcoin Exchange Barriers

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It kind of defeats the purpose of Bitcoin. The blockchain tech is supposed to be borderless but bottlenecks like crypto-currency exchanges impede money transfers between two parties. They are for the meantime, a necessary evil, because we still need to convert fiat to BTC and then to fiat in order for the whole thing to be useful.

A lot of them require Know your customer (KYC)policies which also limit access by certain regions. They implement this by limiting phone/SMS verification to the only countries they accept, along with submitting identification.

Yes, there are many Receive SMS Online Services out there but it’s not from the countries you need free SMS for — like China, Russia, US, Philippines.

However, this Phone Verification Service I discovered has many of the online phone verification you need — not only it can do SMS mobile phone verification but also voice mobile phone verification.

Of interest to me are: BitGold,, localbitcoins,, Coinbase, dabtc,,, Yuanbao,, yobtc, and BTC100. Of course, you can ask them if they can service your intended website.

It’s cheap at $ 0.15 — $ 0.70 per SMS and they have free trial. You can also pay in Bitcoin. Go try it now at



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