Join us–A Group of Altcoin Technical Traders

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  • No shilling
  • No egos
  • Pure chart analysis
  • No fees
  • No subscriptions

We only talk about altcoin trades, but it’s not exclusive to that. The only requirement is that you share your thoughts on a chart. The purpose of the group is to share the workload in finding potential altcoin trade opportunities. This way, you may be able to make profit better with less TA work and with less time.

All newbies welcomed. All experts welcomed. All trading methods welcomed. No one is a perfect trader, no one method is right. If your technical analysis is just squiggly lines, that’s ok. At least, put up some reasoning behind it.

Tools you may need: (Free trial for a month)

Go here to join:

Telegram has a web app if you don’t want to install anything

Special Note

As more and more members are actively chatting, please use hashtag #chart for TA charts, #cointicker e.g. #btc for specific coins and #tip for tips so it could be searchable in Telegram. Thanks.

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