Where to trade the bitcoin bull run: Easy steps

1 minute read

  1. Get bitcoins--The best exchange to buy bitcoin is Coinbase. You can link your credit card or bank account and then easily buy bitcoins with it.
  2. Move your bitcoins to the best places to trade bitcoin:


This trading platform has the highest leverage to trade Bitcoin at 50x. You can also trade Litecoin, Lisk, DAO, and Factom. The site has Tradingview charts which is the best charting tool a trader can use. They have their own orderbooks (which means you trade against other users of the site.)


This platform uses the real-time charts of https://cryptowat.ch and the highest leverage here is 10x. It’s a form of Contract For Differences (CFD) trading and price is mostly based on Bitfinex.

CFDs are derivatives products that allow you to trade on live market price movements without actually owning the underlying instrument on which your contract is based. You can use CFDs to speculate on the future movement of market prices regardless of whether the underlying markets are rising or falling.


This site is basically more on trading forex, commodities and stocks. However the main difference is: You can also trade Bitcoin and also use bitcoin as margin instead of fiat — roughly around 10x leverage for bitcoin trading. A plus for this site is that you can use the MT4 platform which is the fastest and most popular charting and trading client of forex traders. The site uses Okcoin for prices.

For non-US residents

The best place to trade bitcoin bar none is Okcoin Futures. You can trade with 10x or 20x leverage with no swaps like the CFDs. A word of caution though: margin trading is a lot riskier and treacherous than spot trading. Make sure you only trade with money you can afford to lose.