CryptoShadow: How I Dumped The Top & Why I’ve Started Buying

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@CryptoShadowOff - Last year I dumped all #Crypto at the top

  1. Thought we may never go back up again
  2. Bearish most of the way down
  3. But now? I’m back in buy mode

Much of the #Crypto market runs on Greater Fool Theory 😶‍🌫️ Given there are not many ‘fools’ left to saturate the game (+14 other reasons). I don’t think we have much gas left till everyone is caught off-side. Therefore….

🥂 I’m cashing out this years gains. 🥂

Before we take a deep dive - If I’m honest… This thread could be summed up in one tweet. ‘RR good. Happy 2 risk. Am buy. Let’s m00n’ - The bell curve meme is undefeated for a reason. - Buying is just about RR However - if you are not smart enough to be so simple?


Over the past year in investing I’ve learned one truth “Principles are more reliable than specifics” meaning that the reason investors CONSTANTLY miss opportunities that are obvious in hindsight… Is because they don’t understand how to weigh information. Instead they get lost in three things - Their opinion - Their love for minutia - Present data (corruptible in future)- Not realising principles are timeless. Let me simplify this for you.

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