Why I share charts on Twitter (Maybe same motives like others)

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Professional traders always chart out a trading plan.

  1. And I believe sharing your trading ideas with others is superior training (even if you think your ideas are dumb and noobish). Because it shows conviction on your own judgement. I encourage everyone serious in trading to do so. Imagine the public embarassment if you continually make bad calls. I applaud the guts of those traders even if the whole crypto twitter ridicules them.
  2. Also I like to document my calls and later on brag about them, that’s what Twitter is for, right?

I used to share a lot on Coinfarm, but it’s so time consuming, answering all those questions. And the money is in trading, not mentoring people. Also the referral link shilling is just a tiny amount of what I make.

Why I decided to limited the audience for my charts even if free.

Although it’s free, people should respect and acknowledge the hard work of a pro-chartist. It’s an accumulation of years of trial and error, studying and wins and losses.

Gaining new followers doesn’t cut it anymore. Any schmuck can gain tens of thousands of followers.

The master traders/chartists I follow on Twitter has lost their zest for sharing charts. Why? Because it’s becoming a waste of time. Why is that?

What’s catch? Just respect. Follow @drei4ucalls

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