How to Find the Best Altcoins to Buy Right Now

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Innovation and adoption is the key. It is the guiding principle for profitable crypto investing as the same for most tech-related investments. Since necessity is the mother of innovation, Edith Widder said:

Innovation drives economic growth.

This is what investors are looking for in cryptocurrencies - faster, easier, more secure, more decentralized, more function. These traits are what you are looking for in a great investment.


The following list are coins I’ve picked in 2017. I listed them here to illustrate why I picked them:

  1. BNB It is a Binance coin where some of the transaction fees in the largest cryptoexchange which is in BNB are auto-burned, making it deflationary. An investment here is an investment in Binance. If you believed in Changpeng Zhao, ex-CTO at Okcoin, you would have been rich by now.

  2. Hedera HBAR Hashgraph achieves high-throughput with 10,000+ transactions per second today and low-latency finality in seconds from its innovative gossip about gossip. It is similar to Nano (Raiblocks).

  3. Nano Raiblocks has the block-lattice architecture that ensures that no malicious action can go unnoticed, so the system records the transaction as a difference between the balance of the account and consecutive blocks’ balances. Every block contained within the lattice records transactions and updates the account to change its state accordingly, similar to how a bank account works. Only account holders can manage and update their blocks in the system where each new block replaces the previous one. Every block also has a small fraction of Proof of Work to prevent malicious activities.

  4. Algorand ALGO is supposed to be faster than Ethereum. It uses a pure proof-of-stake (PPoS) protocol built on Byzantine consensus. Each user’s influence on the choice of a new block is proportional to its stake (number of tokens) in the system. Users are randomly and secretly selected to propose blocks and vote on block proposals. All online users have the chance to be selected to propose and vote. The likelihood that a user will be chosen, and the weight of its proposals and votes, are directly proportional to its stake. It is similar to Neo (Antshares).

  5. NEO is same as Algorand but it is supposed to be the Chinese Ethereum.

  6. Tezos works on a liquid proof-of-stake, meaning that it cannot be mined. Instead, its users can stake (bake) their XTZ tokens in order to become nodes. If they don’t have enough tokens to become a full node, they can delegate their tokens and still participate. An investor “stakes” their coins by delegating them to a baker (transaction validator). This happens through a special smart contract on the Tezos network.

  7. The Golem Network GLM is a decentralized computation network, a new way of distributing redundant computing power to those who are in need of it, on-demand. It creates a peer-to-peer network where users join on an equal basis to buy and sell computation, splitting up complicated tasks into smaller subtasks in the network. In Golem there’s no central authority and no user is more or less important than another. It is supposed to be an improvement on Ethereum.

  8. Helium (HNT) is a decentralized blockchain-powered network for Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

  9. Syntropy NOIA uses what is known as hybrid consensus. There are two separate parts that comprise the consensus protocol, identical to Polkadot: GRANDPA and BABE. Hybrid consensus splits up the finality gadget from the block production mechanism.

Failed Project

Quadrant Protocol EQUAD is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the mapping, access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core.

So basically, all coins that pumped are 8 Layer-1 technologies that make blockchains faster and more efficient and one coin attached to the now number one crypto exchange.

These base blockchains have a higher chance of being adopted by the masses because they have the latest technology, the latest iteration of blockchain tech. Of course, we have yet to see which technology the whole world will use in the end. BNB is the only coin which only grew because of its attached exchange’s popularity.

EQUAD wasn’t really meant for mass adoption. It only caters to a very specific section of the tech market. Besides they already abandoned the project after making substandard prototype apps. Also, I remember they lack marketing.


The safest coin projects to invest in are the coins that caters to everybody, a base blockchain technology that everyone can use. These types of projects attract developers, enthusiasts, and investors, thus forming a community. Once you see the potential for community development, it is going to be a hit.

You see? I have a ear on what technology will be popular even though it doesn’t necessarily mean it will massively be adopted.

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