Spend and Treat Yourself or More Capital?

1 minute read

So there wasn’t any real plan. There were goals and the goals were important to me at the time of making which was a year ago. I guess what I’m saying is goals change. I have some record in my files of a list of problems and a list of things to buy or fix.

Anyway in a previous blog entry, I made note of the total amount of money I need to fulfill my goals. And now, I have reached that target of $40,000 and much more.

However because circumstances changed, I need to update my goals to reflect the new reality. I remember the old key goals: 1. another round of IVF 2. Mazda 2 2019 3. a year’s worth of allowance. We won’t be having another IVF because the chances of success is very slim now; also my wife bought a new car, so we don’t need another one.

The new goals is listed somewhere in my files.

Another thing though. Even though we have the funds, I won’t be buying stuff ASAP. I will be buying the cheaper or the most urgent items in my list but I won’t be buying all because I plan to use the funds to buy Bitcoin/Crypto in case of another capitulation event (hopefully it won’t come to that). In the future if the price action of the crypto markets obviously shows the bear market is over, only then I’ll be spending the remaining funds.

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