Another Great Business Idea: CCTV human monitor for hire

While I was watching 24 Oras News Program about a robbery captured by CCTV footage, I was amused by the ingenuity of the thief. He used an umbrella to hide his face from the CCTV camera. LMAO, I said, thieves in the Philippines are wising up to closed-circuit monitors. And then eureka, I had an idea! I understand that CCTV systems are just passively recording footage of the surveillance area to be studied once an incident happens. This is how 7-11 stores do it to identify shoplifters. But in situations where there is no human present, robbers can hide their faces and disable the cameras because no one is actually watching behind the camera and is able to react.

This passive monitoring is popular beacause it’s cheap, actually it’s free but it is useless in home security. In order to bring costs down, I propose a service that provides live human monitor to guard your house. For a small fee, we will monitor your CCTV feeds for unusual activities and alert you via SMS or calls.

We can assign one person to guard even three whole village feeds with their individual houses. It is possible with motion detection and the internet.


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