How Would I Run CoinMarketCap’s Social Channels

I cannot say I’m crypto-obsessed because it is a given in my case since I have a lot of these coins in my portfolio! Because of this reason, I would definitely be focused on cryptocurrencies!

If there’s one thing I learned from promoting my own content on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit is that you have to share valuable information, especially in crypto. Not only should the shared content be valuable, but it should also be timely and able to foster engagement because a lack of interaction from your followers only means you have lousy content.

I will run CoinMarketCap’s social channels like my own crypto-related channels. By making daily posts on social media that matter to Coinmarketcap’s audience which I assume are 100% cryptocurrency traders and investors. They want to hear how their portfolio is doing. So, as the social media manager, I need to make informative posts, like for example this current week’s topics such as Dogecoin peaking, Ethereum making all-time highs and Bitcoin consolidating. Sometimes I could provide comic relief by creating memes about the current situation like Elon Musk saying Doge is just a hustle (insert “shots fired.gif” here).

How would I run your channels? Basically by being “crypto-active” and able to share timely coin-related content on them. To have an idea how I do social media, check out the links in this page.

Additional Info

I have a lot of experience in crypto communities throughout the years. Back in 2016, I created a Telegram group of traders which still exists until now. It still has 6,000 plus members. The first group is here and second one is here.

It actually had more members before the last bear market. This Bitcointalk post was the first day I created the group. I am andreibi, a Legendary account in Bitcointalk.

My Twitter name is Bitcoin Master, I am mostly active in Twitter - started posting about Bitcoin and altcoins in 2014 until today. My Twitter followers are real and organically grown.

You can also check out my blog. I made it to support or extend my Twitter posts. You can contact me through Twitter.


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