Bitmex Copy Trading

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Actually, it’s also Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and Poloniex copy trading or social trading.

What is copy trading?

A service that enables cryptocurrency traders to automatically copy positions opened and managed by another chosen traders. Any trading action made by the copied master traders, such as opening a position, assigning Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, or closing a position, are also executed in the copying trader’s account according to the proportion between the copied master trader’s account and the copying trader’s allotted capital.


You know those trading signals in Telegram? It can be tedious to track the trading signals that can arrive at any time during the day and also you have no idea which or whose signals to follow since you don’t know them or seen their trading performance. Copy trading eliminates all this.

This service combines the best of trading terminals and social networks to create a gamified and transparent social trading environment where aspiring crypto traders can thrive. Here, you can:

  1. Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio across all your exchange accounts from one single place
  2. See what other traders are saying and doing
  3. Find the best traders to automatically copy trade
  4. Earn rewards for being active traders, referring friends, performing well and winning trading competitions
  5. Share your Insights to engage with and learn from the community to become better traders

Interested in free bitcoin mirror trading?

For now Aluna is still in beta, but eventually it will roll out Monthly Subscription Plans for premium features. I think it will be $20 per month.

Token Airdrop

Right now until August 21, 2020 UTC, there will be a token airdrop. The token is called ALN and it is going to be centered around incentivising and rewarding active users in the community for performing well trade-wise, and for helping grow the platform and network.

You will need an account on Aluna to take part. Participants will have to complete tasks in order to qualify, and can complete additional tasks to earn stars to get a bigger share of the airdrop. The more tasks you complete, the more tokens you will get.

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