No Regrets on Crypto Mistakes and Successes

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I think I got it wrong. I think I should really be grateful for crypto. Yes, it pains me to remember the regrets, the what-could-have-been, missed opportunities, and I could have had millions of dollars by now.

James Howells

James Howells threw his hard disk containing 7,500 bitcoins in the dump, thinking they are worthless. Be glad you are not in the same situation as him.

You know, in crypto you can never really be satisfied. Why? Because I had many regrets. I regret selling too early my stacks of Ethereum, NEO (Antshares), Decred airdrop, Stellar airdrop, and a lot of others. They are 10x plus more expensive by now…. Recently, I regret not selling the now worthless tokens I have in my possession.

I remember the YOLO tokens I have. It was December 2017, I had an inkling to sell while the going is very profitable but because YOLO, I didn’t. The regret of selling too early old coins made me go YOLO on these token hodl. Besides, all of them acquired free so no risk at all except time and effort. And now, I know how it somehow feels like to hold dead coins like the people who actually bought and invested in Zetacoin, Viacoin and Archcoin and still holding them. I guess I need to move on and extract what little value they have now and then trade them with newer altcoins. Bring back that old value altcoin hunter in you and make 10Xes profits again.

You can never be satisfied with your crypto trading. You will regret selling too early, regret selling too late. Though come to think of it, nobody can truly sell or buy crypto at the right time.

The only takeaway I can think about all of this is realizing how truly lucky I really am. I didn’t lose any actual capital. 90% of the tokens I hold comes from bounties, airdrop, or mining; not from purchases (NEO was the last purchase).

I remember investing around 600 US dollars…. That’s it, out of that came hundreds of thousands.

At first look, you have now a garbage collection of tokens. Buuuut that’s the problem… You see it as a negative (the trash tokens). You shouldn’t; because out of the many trash tokens you have, you had hidden gems. You sold Dent which you had used for an expensive IVF procedure (an amount that will at least take two years of saving). You made eight years worth of salary in ETH from the thing you did in 2017. And some of your tokens may still turn out to be a sleeper. All that “hard work” in 2017 paid off well with just your ETH rewards. Forget the others, although some still have moderately huge value.

You can’t win them all but believe me when I say there is no amount of freelancing work that could net you the amount you made in crypto in a year’s time. I chose the right path. Count your blessings, you still got lucky, no regrets.

Annnnnd you can still bring back the Mintpal/Poloniex days of glorious altcoin trading, it’s a skill you never lost. Just do it again. And do it fast in time for Bitcoin’s second half of the bullrun.

P.S. Remember that Bitfinex hack where in a case of bad timing, you sent all your Bitcoin to trade Monero? You were lucky that you get to rebuild even with the haircut refund. I remember it was the worst of times, where I was considering to quit.

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