Top Social Media That Earns You Cryptocurrency, WTF

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Oh man, I’m getting slow and old. Last time I checked when you needed new information about cryptocurrencies; developments, new coins, new controversies, you just go to Crypto Twitter (search by using hashtags like #bitcoin etc),, Reddit, or Facebook.

Also most crypto influencers use Medium or sometimes, Steemit for the long-form posts.

Now it seems more platforms, espousing decentralization and rewarding you with tokens, are mushrooming. I happened to stumble upon a few when I was asked if I have an account on these platforms.

Maybe these guys will be mainstream someday

  1. Steemit - This is already quite known in crypto circles and has been existing for some years now. Dan Larimer’s creation is a bit like Medium and Reddit, where each post and upvote is rewarded with a minute amount of cryptocurrency. High-quality content providers can leverage their followers, both to promote other content and to gain Steem points.

  2. Minds - This is quite similar to Medium. However it’s mobile first or download app first. You can’t just browse posts in your desktop browser without signing up - another walled garden. They are shilling their platform as “The leading open source social network for Internet freedom. Earn crypto and free promotion for your contributions.”

  3. Uptrennd - Horrible name, poor attempt on being hipster. At first glance, it looks like Reddit. The spiel is, “A New-Era Social Media Platform, created with the sole purpose of empowering the people.” Every time a post or comment is upvoted, they get tokens. At level one, members earn one token per upvote. As members level up, the more rewards they can earn.

  4. Publish0X - Ethereum-based? It says the platform is crypto agnostic, another Medium publishing platform copy but with rewards for both authors and readers. Readers can send a micro tip to the authors and get a portion of the tip for themselves. Tips are free for both reader and author and come from their rewards pool.

Whatever happens, in the next two decades, the Internet will be a lot different from today. I hope Google, Facebook, and Twitter will just be a relic of the era of centralized Internet services silos.

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